Everybody’s different. Tastes, likes and idiosyncrasies. Some people like large fonts and sans-serif styling. Some people like navigation menus on websites to be along the top. Others down the left side. Opinions on website design vary like people from Glasgow and Edinburgh do. If you’re looking for a website designer in Glasgow or Edinburgh, or advice on how to move forward and get a website that works, then you’ve come to the right place.

Specialist Website Designers in Glasgow

We’re specialists at designing and building all kinds of websites that focus on people. It’s people who visit your site, and Google and Bing try as hard as they can to replicate a human when they visit your site in their crawls. User-intuitive sites are make it easy for people to find information, buy something or make contact. Building great websites is what we do. We’ve been on the web for as long as it’s been around and the internet has grown with us.

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Whether you want to sell something, tell something or advertise your services, we’ll design a site that fits with your business needs and the needs of the people who you want to visit your site. Simple as that.

We can offer advice on the type of website you need and the functionality required in the site. We specialise in:

  • Website design, layout and set-up
  • Website maintenance, including retro-fitting for search engines
  • eCommerce, shopping carts and online payments
  • Dynamic database-driven websites and interactive content
  • Accessible CSS web design for all users on all browsers
  • Content Management Systems so you can update your own site

We’ll work and communicate with you all the way to your site going live, and beyond. All our clients get a 3-month, post-activation warranty, to ensure your website gets and stay live. Like any project, some teething problems occur, but with XLWEB, we iron them out for you as a matter of course!

FREE website design consultation and advice: 0141 374 2468

Our four step approach to the perfect website

Accessible Website Design

Accessibility, in every sense of the word, means good website design. Good for the 10% of the population who have some form of disability and require websites to be built for assistive technologies, or at least some way of increasing font sizes on your website. Good for customers who know you have taken the time to build a professional website. Good for search engines: the easier a website is to navigate and use for a human, the easier it is for search engines to find and register.

Dynamic, Database-driven Website Development We build websites using the latest technology – but only if it’s right for your business. We don’t use technology for technology’s sake, but to make your website more interactive: to connect, captivate and capture visitors to your website, ensuring a return on investment.

eCommerce/Transactional websites

Whether it’s a catalogue or shopping cart, donations or one-off payment system you want, we’ll build it and securely. Too many sites make it difficult to complete the sale or take money of customers. We make it as easy for people to find you and easy for them to part with their money.

Small Business Website Design Service

We have an excellent Small Business Website Package for Scotland, which includes domain, hosting, email, content management system and marketing including SEO and social media. As Glasgow website designers, we know the local markets extremely well, having served many clients in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Find out more about our small business website design package >

FREE consultation & web development advice: 0141 374 2468

Ecommerce Website Design

Since the internet became available to the general public back in 1996, the sale of goods online, has boomed, and still continues to grow rapidly today.

Our ecommerce website designers in Glasgow and Edinburgh have been around since then (although, they’re not that old!), designing websites for all kinds of clients, selling all kinds of stuff. We’ve developed pretty awesome skills in building and maintaining ecommerce websites, helping people sell their goods and making them money. It’s what we do.

Getting your product out thereWebsite design - Keyboard

Visibility online is everything. Getting your product(s) out in plain view to online viewers and customers is paramount to ecommerce. There are many ways in which this and more can be achieved on a website built to sell. Catalog of all products on offer accessible to the online public for viewing 24/7. Having an online basket for customers to buy with using PayPal, credit and debit cards, this would be made a secure and efficient as possible to protect customer details while making the payment process easy and seamless. These are just the basics, more and more can be done to increase sales and functionality of your ecommerce website.

Our ecommerce website designers can add functionality which connects with other popular sites like Ebay, Google Shopping and Amazon through XML and text feeds and files. As social media has become a large part of internet culture, you can now even give customers the option to publicise their purchases on websites like Facebook and Twitter, bringing more traffic to your website.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes ecommerce website design and functionality. However, appearance is also a very important factor for an ecommerce website.

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Appearance equals sales

All this website functionality is great, but it’s nothing without an attractive and easily navigated appearance – something our ecommerce website designers have bucket-loads of experience in.

How a website looks is responsible for the first impressions visitors will have of a company and their products on the web, naturally you want to give off the best impression possible. Our ecommerce website designers who have been in their roles since the beginning of ecommerce’s existence know how to approach this effectively due to large amounts of user experience knowledge and skills.

Take online paymentsThere are many factors to consider such as layout, colours, fonts, brand logos, menus, search bars and more. With the right mix of all these factors, you can have one of the most professional looking sites around which can convert visitors in to sales. Many people don’t know that how well presented a website is and how efficient it runs can actually affect search rankings in search engines like google. If your site is not well designed and runs fairly slowly, you can’t expect to appear in the first page for many or sometimes any search terms.

This is why it is so important to have the best ecommerce website designers in Glasgow at your side, Small factors that are often overlooked can have big effects on sales and visibility on the internet. Appearance is subjective though, that’s why you will be an influential part of the process!

Playing by your rules

We may be the ecommerce website designers who build the site, but it’s your website, that means you have the final say on everything. We’re all too happy to integrate all your ideas and specifications 100%, while advising you on what we think is best in our expert opinion. Maybe you want your website to follow a certain theme or colour scheme? Or maybe even something a little more advanced, we’d love to hear what you have to say at all times as we strive to make your vision a reality. As perfectionists, we really won’t be satisfied until you are satisfied.

Give us a call on 0141 374 2468, send us an email to info@xlweb.co.uk or fill out our contact form for more information. Find out how our website design company in Glasgow’s west end can increase sales, maximise lead generation and conversion too with our internet marketing and SEO services Glasgow.