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As a digital marketing agency in Glasgow, XLWEB offers an all-round full and comprehensive package when it comes to getting your website noticed on the internet. As professionals in the SEO field, we know what search engines like Google are looking for when deciding to rank websites in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Gaining a visible online presence for our clients and driving customers their way is what we do.

A Glasgow Digital Marketing Agency That Works

Getting you onto the first page – and striving for position number 1 – means approaching your website from many different angles. It’s not so much a ‘ build it and they will come’ scenario on the internet, unfortunately. While great content is critical to ranking well, there’s much more Google takes into account when filtering websites’ ranking, like your website’s design and usability, the number and quality of links to your website, and your website’s accessibility in regard to mobile phones, tablets and other devices to name a few.

As a Glasgow digital marketing agency, we provide all of the specialist services needed to ensure your website is in the best position possible for new customers to not just notice your services and products, but to actively engage with what you have to offer. Qualified traffic = Sales.

Your Long-time Glasgow SEO Company

Search Engine Optimisation is our speciality; we’re the most experienced company offering SEO services in Glasgow, with over 15 years of SEO mastery in our arsenal.

You can have the best-looking and functioning website in the world, but it doesn’t do you any good if no one can find it. That’s where SEO comes in. Through a range of techniques centred around keywords specific to your products or services, we can tweak content, meta-titles and more to provide the signals to Google and other search engines that your website is the most relevant and trusted site to return at the top; of the rankings. Simply put, we make sure your website is the BEST possible option for Google to return in its results.

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Glasgow Website Design & Development

Website design is a very important part of what we do here at XLWEB Digital Marketing Agency. How your website looks is what gives customers their first impression of your company, and how your website runs determine how simple and easy customers find using your services. Nobody wants to see a group of badly structured web pages that are difficult to read; likewise, nobody wants to spend 15 minutes just trying to find your Contact page.

Time and time again, we’ve created and fixed up clients’ websites to not only look great but to put forward a user-friendly experience for customers, which Google values very highly! We understand that many clients want to preserve uniqueness in the design of their websites, and that’s terrific. We’re perfectly able to keep the look and design of your website while we optimise it to bring you more and more customers, making their experience on your website a positive one. Find out more >

e-Commerce, Shopping Carts & Selling Online

All the advice you need to sell online is available here at XLWEB Digital Marketing Agency Glasgow. Whether you want to set up and sell through your own online store, have a store already and want it optimised, or need advice on how to get the most out of selling online, then we’re Glasgow e-commerce experts. Contact us today for advice on the many options to sell online. More on e-commerce >

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Copywriting & Website Content

Content is king when it comes to ranking highly in Google search rankings. Well-written, interesting and rich-quality text is the core of any great site on the internet; it separates the good from the really great websites.

XLWEB Digital Marketing offers website content creation as a popular service to its clients. There are many valid reasons why you should get professionals to write your content, but the main two reasons are because:

  1. Professionals in any digital marketing agency know what keywords and phrases Google are looking for in high-ranking websites.
  2. Professionals in digital marketing are the very best at crafting text that is catered to people browsing the internet.

Of course, you have complete control over what is published on your website, so we’ll write on whatever topics you have in mind. We’ll give you complete guidance and professional advice on what we believe will benefit your website the most in terms of content.

Often a schedule can be made whereby your website will have content published on it so many times per week. Continually publishing new content also signals to Google that your website is active and adds to the body of knowledge that Google makes available to people browsing the internet.

With high-quality content being published on a regular basis, you can be sure that you put across useful knowledge to your customers, as well as putting across your website as a top contributor to Google. More on copywriting and website content >

Content Marketing, Online PR & Online Reputation Management (ORM)

We want your content to be easily accessible and available to anyone potentially interested in your products or services. Through press releases and online articles published throughout the web, people can learn more about what it is you do, and why they should be visiting your website.

Often when your company or website has some important news, that news can be used to attract new visitors through trusted PR websites online. These PR websites spread that news throughout the internet, often without any sort of payment, so it’s a great way to gain online presence with some well-written news.

This will get your website known to Google and potential customers, but also to other websites that may want to add you to their exclusive and popular directories. There’s no limit to how well-known your website can become, your opportunity to get your products and services out there is with XLWEB Digital Marketing. More on Content Marketing & PR >

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Website Hosting & Domain Names

A well-running and reliable website requires robust online hosting and constantly available space for your website and its content. Choosing the right hosting and having it set up correctly can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for, that’s why we offer to take care of the online hosting for our clients.

Our specialists know the perfect hosting solution for clients when it comes to hosting, guaranteeing a fast-loading, optimised and secure website. No need to stress about hosting, XLWEB Digital Marketing Agency have you covered. Contact us for more details.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Adwords and Online Advertising

A really effective way of driving more and more traffic to your website is to set up a Pay-Per-Click ad campaign. This means displaying a link to your website at the top of Google search results and in sidebars when certain keywords are searched by a potential customer. Anyone can set up a PPC ad campaign, but only some can follow through with it successfully and make money.

XLWEB Digital Marketing Agency Glasgow has set up countless PPC ad campaigns for our clients, they all require that we know exactly what keywords and demographics to target, as well as setting up realistic budgets so that a profit is made from the whole process.

As we said earlier, anyone can set up a PPC ad campaign, but only those with the right knowledge and experience can do it without needlessly throwing money away, that’s where XLWEB Digital Marketing excel. More on PPC & Adwords Advertising >

Mobile Apps – Development and Marketing

Did you know that the level of internet traffic from mobile devices has soared in the last few years? This is continually changing the strategies of internet marketers all over the world to place a large amount of thought into how websites cater to devices like mobile phones, tablets and more. Even Google has recently updated their algorithm to take into account a website’s ‘mobile friendliness’ when placing it in the search rankings.

XLWEB Digital Marketing Glasgow is at the forefront of these new initiatives to bring clients’ websites into the mobile device internet age. For this, we offer our clients the development of unique mobile applications for selling products and offering their services to potential customers on mobile devices.

It’s also very important that those loading up your website from a mobile device’s browser can properly display your web pages and that your mobile visitors are able to easily interact with elements of your website through touch screens. Websites that don’t offer this are slowly making their way further and further down the Google search rankings because they don’t cater to this growing group of internet users.

It’s a fact that mobile phone internet traffic is increasing every day; we promise our clients effective access to this growing source of potential customers. Contact us for more information.

Email Marketing – Services & Strategies

Many successful companies keep their customers updated with new deals, offers and information through a comprehensive email newsletter and the like. XLWEB Digital Marketing can set up this type of system for clients, providing people with any important news and information that they like.

We don’t approve of spam emails being sent out to customers, and sometimes even random people, day in and day out. With XLWEB Digital Marketing Glasgow, your email marketing will consist of specially crafted newsletter emails, created by our specialists to convey all the information you want people to know about, in a well-written and structured manner. This means those receiving your planned emails will be left with the occasional email that gives them all the information and incentive to visit your website and engage with your products and services.

SEO Training and Web Editing Training

SEO really isn’t very difficult to understand, however, it requires the right knowledge and experience to do well. We believe anyone can learn to do some effective SEO with the right guidance; this is especially useful for website owners, marketing managers and really anyone who wants to get the best out of their online business ventures.

We offer an intensive and practical one-day workshop for anyone who wishes to gain a good understanding and pragmatic skill-set in effective SEO practices. We’ll explore and carry out many different aspects of professional SEO such as:

  • Keyword Research & Online SEO Tools
  • Targeting Specific Keywords in Writing Content
  • What Search Engines Look for in Good Content
  • Link-building & Identifying Good and Bad Links
  • Meta-Titles, Meta-Data & Their Uses

These are just some aspects of effective SEO, in reality, there is much, much more to the full process.

The skills and knowledge you pick up in our unique SEO workshop are guaranteed to come in handy when optimising your own website for doing its best in the Search Engine rankings.

You can find out more about this workshop by visiting our SEO & Digital Marketing Training Glasgow page. More on SEO Training Glasgow >

Comprehensive Online & Internet Marketing

The bottom line is this, marketing your website on the internet can be a very difficult process when facing competitors, however with a professional on your side you can be sure customers will be driven your way.

Our range of experience, from creating amazing website designs to producing high-quality content, is second to none in Glasgow. We’re local to Glasgow and have been for over 7 years and counting. Some SEO companies may boast that they guarantee their clients the #1 ranking for their specific search terms, but those companies are dishonest, and the reality is that no one can predict where a website will land in the rankings with 100% certainty.

Instead, XLWEB Digital Marketing Agency offers professional online marketing skills that produce some of the best results possible with the much-needed reliability and honesty clients deserve. We’re straight with our clients and always advise the best possible course of action for them to reach the largest and most appropriate potential customer base possible.

Get in touch with XLWEB Digital Marketing Agency today to see how we can get you noticed online.