We’ve offered professional website design services for a long time and watched the internet evolve, from inside the industry. We have clients form all over the country and have offered professional website design in Edinburgh and around the whole of Scotland for such a long time it’s difficult to remember so far back.

We’ve worked in website design and internet marketing since 1996 – that’s when the internet came around to public use, so we’ve had lots of experience and know a thing or two about website design.

Evolve with the internet

We’ve watched how website designs have changed, improved and how varied, in terms of looks and accessibility, internet sites have become. We’ve also monitored the changes in how people use the internet. From being forced to use it at work in the late nineties and early in the millennium to the the constant surfing people do today on their phones, tablets and laptops, we’ve kept one step ahead by designing fast, responsive, accessible websites that adapt to the way people use the web.

Not only have we watched the evolution of the internet and website design since it’s conception, we’ve been a big part of it, taking on-board all the shiny new innovations and technical know-how to bring it to the people of Edinburgh. Through the use of many helpful plugins, some structured code and accurate writing, we can make any website not only look great, but BE great.

When it comes to website design, it’s horses for courses

Whatever kind of website design you need, for any kind of website, be it a personal blog, a company website, an online shop for e-commerce or any idea you have for a website, XLWEB are expert website designers in Edinburgh and across all of Scotland. We have worked with all types of clients, all with different ideas about how they want to present themselves on the vastness of the net. We work hand-in-hand with clients to achieve exactly the website they want and need with great functionality paired with a professional look, regardless of their industry. And, as we are experts at online marketing in Edinburgh too, it’s safe to say, our clients have no trouble gaining relevant traffic to go with their relevant website design.

XLWEB Service Edinburgh

Functionality is very, very important as it is the backbone to a good-looking website, without a well-running and easy to use interface, viewers and/or customers may find it difficult to find what they are looking for. A hard to navigate website due to poor website design can not only drive away potential viewers and customers, it can also push your website down the search engine rankings, making your website even harder to find! Naturally this would decrease traffic to your site, and we don’t want that, do we? Our User Experience (UX) knowledge and expertise mean your website looks good, functions well and is easy to navigate. Not a bad combination that.

Working with you for the long-term

At XLWEB, we know that most of our customers have a well thought-out vision of what they imagine their website can do and roughly how it would be laid out, this is why when carrying out website design specifications, we make communication between ourselves and our customers the number one priority. Your website is your public face (among other online communications) and we’re here to make it the best that it can possibly be within your vision and specifications.

We’re obsessive and we need to know we’ve done a good job. Regardless of what service you get from us, we’ll keep an eye on your site over time to make sure it’s working okay. Our repeat client base is rather impressive. We’ve had some clients for over ten years (and some haven’t paid us a penny for that long too!) and still check their sites to make sure they work properly – for free.

Sell yourself, sell your products, sell your services. Sell goddammit, sell

One thing we do well is make other people money. We like that. If it’s eCommerce your after, then no problems, you’ve come  to the right place. It’s not just a case of slapping a shopping cart on your site and adding products. We need to know the flow of the site is correct, that call to actions are amazing and that buying things is as easy as possible with no kinks in any process thorughout the site until we’ve got people’s credit card or paypal details.  Product catalogues, shopping carts, XML feeds for Google Shopping, eBay and Amazon. All things that help you sell online. Why not speak to us today about how we can help sales rocket. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the amount of functionality we can achieve through great website design which is reliable, visually-appealing, runs-smoothly and is highly visible in search engine rankings.

Our website design services in Edinburgh are gaining more and more popularity, because we’re tried-and-tested. Get in touch with us at today for advice and guidance on professional and reliable website design Edinburgh.

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