Small Business Website Design & Local Online Marketing Package

Glasgow’s website design and internet marketing company, XLWEB, have launched an initiative to help small businesses take control of their business online and help boost their sales.

XLWEB, based in Glasgow’s west end, have launched their small business website & marketing package for 2022, which gives business owners a fully comprehensive online service which includes website design, website hosting, unlimited email accounts, search engine marketing, social media set up and integration, and full online and offline marketing advice all in one package.


The small business marketing package includes the following:

  • Domain Name
    Your web address such as or If you already have one, then we’ll manage it for you and point it towards the website we build and host for you.
  • Website Hosting
    You get this for a year for free (normally around £100). Your website, which is a collection of files such as html, jpegs, pdfs etc. have to reside on the internet somewhere in order for people to visit them using their web browsers. The location or the server on which they sit so your site is accessible to the internet is called a host server – or web hosting.
  • Email Accounts
    Unlimited email accounts for your domain. So, if your domain name (web address) is, then you can have, or set up to use. We’ll set them up for to start with you no problem and show you how to create your own for the future.
  • Content Management System
    A content management system (CMS) for your website, which means you can update it yourself. You can add pages, upload images, add menu buttons, create news and newsletters, integrate your Facebook and twitter accounts – in fact, you’ll be amazed at what your website will be able to do. And, you don’t need any software installed on you PC or laptop as it’s web-based, so you can update it from anywhere, anytime.
  • Website Design
    After consultation with yourself and looking at branding, sector, competition etc. we’ll agree on a design and we’ll build you one that you’ll love. It’s about look and feel as well as ease of use. We know websites inside out as well as user-friendliness, so you’ll get a website that’s both beautiful and functional.
  • News, blog, newsletters, subscribe & RSS
    All optional, but if you want we’ll set up your site with an easy to publish news section or blog, make sure it has an RSS feed and complete with subscribe and email list management – all part of the package. We’ll even hook up your news to Facebook and twitter, so every time you add a news item, it’ll post on your Facebook and tweet automatically!
  • Social Media Set Up
    If you haven’t already got social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other appropriate networking sites, such a Pinterest or Google+, we’ll set them up for you and integrate them with your website.
  • Search Engine Friendly Design
    We make websites visible – it’s what we do. Your site will be fully ready to get found. It will have clean code and be structured properly, Your keywords will be optimised on site to squeeze as many ranking factors as possible out of on-page SEO.
  • SEO Fundamentals
    We’ll make sure the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing know it exists and we’ll optimise it for your main keywords/phrases (your top 3). You’ll be ready to go head to head with your competitors. We’ll show you what to do to improve your rankings and continue to work with you to dominate your sector if you want. See our Search Engine Optimisation page for more information on our continuous SEO services.
  • CMS Training and User Guide
    You’ll get an hour’s training (that’s probably more than you’ll need as it’s very straightforward) on how to use the CMS and best practice website publishing. We’ll come to your office and show you exactly how to keep your website up-to-date. You’ll get an extensive user guide should you wish to find out everything about the CMS too – handy as a ready reckoner.
  • Statistical Reporting
    We’ll install Google Analytics on your website and set up webmaster tools, so you can see statistical information on traffic/visitors to your website such as where they come from, what pages they visit on your website and how to improve the site for visitors

Get Your Business Noticed Online

As XLWEB are marketers as well as technical experts, they offer businesses a new approach. Owner of XLWEB, James McInally, explains:

“Most businesses have a website, use email, have dabbled in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but few actual make money from their website, have integrated use of all of their electronic marketing and communications and fully understand how to market themselves.”

“There can be many reasons for this. Current clients tell us factors such as a lack of time or resources, previous bad experiences with suppliers or they simply don’t know where to go to for advice. We’re here to make the help small business flourish online and our track record shows how it’s done. This service gives businesses everything they need to compete and win in an online business world. We’ve helped companies grow, take on more staff and dominate their competitors online.”

How to get started

The small business website package gives people everything they need to get a full internet presence up-and-running. It’s also ideal for people with a stagnant website or online presence and perfect for new businesses.

All the business has to do is provide us with their logo (if they don’t have one, we’ll help there too) and some text and photographs for the pages on their site. We can usually have the website complete in four weeks but quicker if necessary. We take care of everything else. It gives business owners that chance to concentrate on their business and not the headache that setting this sort of thing up can cause.

Call 0141 374 2468 or 07469 190806 or contact us for more information.