Gutenberg WordPress 5.0

WordPress is changing soon. A new built-in editor will enable better looking and more functional pages and posts. It should be much easier to create rich content and stylised pages for new and old users of WordPress alike.
Gutenberg Type

Using ‘blocks’, which could be different page elements such as various kinds/sizes/styles of text, tables, images, video, forms etc, users will be able to build pages or posts with these blocks, removing the need for any knowledge of hmtl, shortcodes, plugins and other – currently more difficult – ways of designing and publishing great content. This could revolutionise how small business WordPress websites look and function, as it’ll be easier for non-techie business owners to publish more appealing content 👍.

I’m unaware of an official launch date but Gutenberg (as WordPress team are calling the new editing system, named after Johanes Gutenberg, the inventor of the moveable type printing press in the 1440s) should come built with WordPress 5.0 launch. You can currently download a plugin to test the new editing system until it’s rolled out as part of WordPress core program. Please bear in mind that the plugin available now is in Beta testing mode, so is a work in progress and may have glitches. We’d advise to just use it for testing or playing around and not on a live environment yet.

Download and install the plugin from your WordPress admin area or get it here: