If you want to rank for a keyword or phrase, it should be somewhere on your page, right? And it should be optimised if it’s a money term. Poor keyword choice or optimisation renders your whole online marketing presence useless. Poor keywords = Wrong or no traffic.

Even if you haven’t done keyword research, your main keywords will probably be somewhere on the page if you’ve written half-decent copy. For example, a site that sells bananas to an Edinburgh market might want to rank for ‘Banana Sales Edinburgh’. These words should be on your page and they should also be in this order (in an ideal world).

If this is a money term, then this phrase should also be on other instances, such as page title, heading 1, 2, bold etc. Don’t over do it though, it’ll look spammy and not read very well for visitors.

Of course, you can rank for terms that you don’t have on your page via synonyms, lack of competition for a term and inbound links with anchor text with those terms pointing to your site, but unless this applies to you then make sure your keyword is on your page!

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