Search Engine Optimisation SEO GlasgowHaving a website that nobody can find is like creating a TV ad that never gets aired. An expensive, good idea and nice-to-have but pointless really.

We get websites found. It’s what we do and have done for over 15 years. We were on the internet before Google or Yahoo existed and we’ve watched and studied them and helped hundreds of websites thrive in them. We’re marketers. And technical people. The best of both worlds.

An Expert SEO Company in Glasgow

We don’t – and can’t – promise a Number 1 ranking in search engines, simply because no one can predict search engine results for you. As a UK SEO company it’s our job to keep up-to-date and research what works and often more importantly, what doesn’t work, when trying to get to the top of search engines in the UK.

Google doesn’t tell any company how it works – and it keeps changing the rules for optimisation – therefore it’s impossible to predict. Any company that tells you it can get you a guaranteed Number 1 position in Google, or any other search engine is simply lying and should be avoided.

SEO Services

What we can do is optimise your website for positioning in the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo using best-practice SEO (search engine optimisation). Over time, using tweaks, modifications and providing you have quality content on your site, your rank will improve – more often than not to the first page of the results for your main keywords.

Internet marketing consists of any and all forms of promoting your business or service online. It’s not just search engine optimisation. Your strategy may include pay per click, social media, PR, lead generation, affiliate sites, email capturing, banner ads, viral video, promotions and direct sales on auction/bidding websites. There’s much more to promoting your organisation on the internet than SEO.

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5 top tips for online marketing

  1. Have a search engine-friendly website design. The easier a website is to navigate for people, the easier it is for search engines to find and register.
  2. Choose and use your keywords/phrases correctly – there’s more to this than people think!
  3. Have quality text/content in your website.
  4. Get links to your site from other good websites – search engines see them as ‘votes’ for your website.
  5. Social Media. Engage with people – not fake likes or folly followers but real people.

5 on-page SEO factors you can change yourself

  1. URL:  the web address (or domain) of your page. If you can, incorporate your keyword in your domain or in page file names.
  2. Title: the title of your page (in the browser). Also know as the ‘meta title’.
  3. Description:  the meta description. Google can display this in it’s results snippet (not a ranking factor in Google but increases conversions).
  4. Headings: H1, H2, H3 etc. should all contain your main keywords. It also helps your page read smoothly and helps break up large chunks of text.
  5. Content: your main body of text. Adding good quality copy to your site with nice photographs helps SEO and conversions.

FREE consultation & SEO advice: 0141 374 2468

Whatever your reason to market yourself online, we have innovative and experienced ways of promoting, direct selling and increasing awareness and marketing your business online.

We’ve helped hundreds of people sell and promote themselves online. So, if you’re looking for an seo company to help you rank higher, increase visibility and boost traffic, why not contact us for more information and find out about how we go about our work.

Contact us to see how we can develop your business in ways, perhaps, you haven’t thought of or in ways that need some technical help.

Targeted SEO Marketing

Internet Marketing, like other forms of marketing, needs creativity and flair. In addition, online marketing is best done in an integrated, targeted fashion. Using several forms of online marketing and targeting specific groups of customers is the best way forward.

Depending on your budget size – if you have one at all – search engine optimisation (or positioning), social media, the use of email, viral and paid advertising all have their place.

Our ABC SEO Blueprint For Ranking Success

  1. Our ABC SEO BlueprintA is for Audit

There’s lots of free tools and resources out there that explain audits. The most common things include spidering the site, testing speed and servers, checking domains, redirects and security.

  • Comprehensive technical audit of the website.
  • Competitor and sector research.
  • Keywords and SERPs (search engine results pages) research.
  1. B is Benchmark

A snapshot of various metrics as a starting point for measurement including keyword rankings, backlinks, traffic, social followers. You need to benchmark, otherwise you won;t know if what you’re doing is having an impact (good or bad).

  1. C is for Clean Up

You’re only as good as your weakest link. If you have any poor backlinks holding you back, it doesn’t matter how many good links you build or how much amazing content you add to your site. So, clean up any poor backlinks, either by removing if you can, uploading a disavow or blocking the inbound link using a 410 (pronounced four-ten) ‘this page is gone’ server message.

  • Technical optimisation of code and content
  • Off page clean, including removal, disavow or blocking of poor quality backlinks.
  1. D is for Devise & Deploy

Plan your overall link building and content strategy as well as any other online marketing strategy (pay per click, social media, content etc.)

  • Deploy low-hanging fruit tactics (quick gains)
  • Start content strategy based on keyword research (if required)
    • Current content evaluation and realignment
    • New content, blogs, articles, media (videos, sound, infographics) if needed
  • Start link building strategy (if required)
    • Target competition links
    • Manufacture links with own content (text, documents, media)
    • Social Signal building
  1. E is Evaluate

If you don’t measure, you don’t know what’s working and what’s not. And, you can’t adjust.

  • Track rankings, traffic & links acquired
  • Adjust, retarget and refocus if needed