Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date has serious impact on your customers and search engines. There’s lots of talk about content and content strategies. What is good content? There’s debate on real-time search going on and it’ll happen properly soon enough (despite set backs in previous attempts at real-time such as Google’s). Are you publishing content to your website often?

Apart from hopefully being able to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs) immediately if real-time becomes reality, there are many reasons for implementing a content strategy (or updating your website in old money!)

  • First and foremost you should keep your site up-to-date. No one likes a website that is out-of-date or has misleading information.
  • People will come back and visit your site if it’s got new stuff in it – new products, new services, new tips, stories and so on.
  • Search engines love new content. Adding relevant news or a blog give you more pages. More pages equals more content and more content means you’ve increased you chances of matching a search query and someone visiting you.
  • Adding new content, particularly news is self-promotion. It looks good to customers or potential customers and gives them confidence in you. Tell people what you do. Blow your own trumpet and clinch the deal.

There are different types of content or ways to keep your site up to date including:

  • News – your own and industry stuff. Comment on changes in legislation or what’s in high season
  • Social media – you probably already do it. Tie up your website to your social media and create business accounts on facebook and twitter if you don’t have them. Try Pinterest and Tumblr too.
  • Products – add more features, promotions, categories – expand the USPs!
  • Staff – highlight them. Profiles on staff are great for everyone (mugshots optional)
  • Awards and professional memberships/recognition – have you won any awards? Are you members of any professional bodies?
  • Images & videos – Have you any? Get them uploaded as it’s all content. Not sure how, then contact us
  • Guest bloggers – ask staff/clients/suppliers to write something. Or get the Managing Director to say how happy he is.
  • Write a guide – are you a builder? Well, write a guide to DIY. Am author? Write a guide on how to write guides.
  • Customer comments/testimonials  – if you’re a hotel, post you reviews, any other business, what your clients say about you.

This list isn’t exhaustive but just an idea of what to add to your site.

Perhaps, you don’t have any time to do this or don’t know where to start. Speak to us about your content strategy – we know many industries inside out – chances are we’ve already undertaken work in your sector or a similar one and have insight already. Call us on 0141 374 2468.