There’s a whole SEO industry built on spam out there. We’re not part of it thankfully as we get by good old fashioned marketing-style techniques. Yes, the odd blog comment and overseas directory entry is useful – indeed, there’s much talk of using directories as very bad karma for your link profile, but are they? Small business owners need to get a foot in the door somehow and those that know little about SEO or that it exists often submit their sites to local directories (paid and unpaid). Is Google going to penalise these in it’s Penguin 4 (or 2.0 as Matt Cutts of Google has called it) update? Probably not.

Directories do have their place in link building world as long as it’s done naturally and you don’t achieve 3000 directory back links in a month. Indeed, many business out there can find themselves with entries in directories that they have never asked to be included in. We are for one. Our back link profile includes weird and wonderful directory entries that we have never ask for and really don’t want. I’m eager to see the impact of the next Google update on so-called low-quality links.

Links will still be needed after this update regardless of what some SEOs might say, so what I’m looking forward to is Google saying (or doing!) that the only sites that will rank high are those with proper branded citation links from other quality sites. How is this going to impact genuine, real businesses that don’t do SEO at all? Is Google hoping that genuine PR, luck or just content is going to be enough for people to rank? I think not. What is happening

Is the average tradesman or women going to have tons of quality links pointing to them from reputable sites? Definitely not unless they are a PR person’s dream. So, we believe that we just need to keep doing what we do: get a good spread of good links and have good content and all will be fine.