SEo & Small Business Marketing Online

Small businesses, particularly new starts, need all the help they can get in promoting themselves in this economy. Here’s our magnificient seven ways to kick-start you business online:

  1. Choose your domain name wisely.

    Incorporate search keywords and a location if you operate in a specific location. For example, if you’re sell bananas in Manchester, then might be a good choice.

  2. Get a website that’s professional, and quick to load on all devices.

    Around 50% of all searches are now on a mobile or tablet, so make sure it’s has a responsive design (meaning it displays accordingly on the device it’s viewed on). Avoid online website builder software as it can restrict functionality and also tie you in to long-term expensive contracts. Get a couple of quotes from local website designers as costs can vary greatly for the same service.
    Responsive website design Glasgow

  3. Know Your Competition.

    Who’s at the top of Google for your industry and keywords you are aiming for, and why are they there? Do they have good, informative content? Are there calls-to-action (or CTA’s for short, which include telephone numbers, emails, contact forms etc.) that easy to include phone number, email and contact forms

  4. Have Great Calls To Action

    Too many website have poor response mechanisms. Are your telephone numbers, email address and contact forms easy to find on your site?

  5. Make Your Website Credible & Trustworthy

    Do you have a landline telephone number, postal address, terms & conditions and privacy policy on your website? Visitors, as well as Google, use this as a signal of trust. If you sell online, are you advertising that your checkout is secure

  6. Add Your USPs High Up On Your Home Page

    Without being too pushy, are your main unique selling points conveyed to visitors? Do you have free delivery? Sell the tastiest doughnuts? Ethically sourced products? Whatever your USP’s are, get them high up the homepage to grab attention.

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  7. Claim Your Google+ Page

    This is how you get in to the local map search results in Google. Claim your listing, filling the information in full at and make sure you verify it!