There is no doubt that social media can play a crucial role in business, but it can take a lot of time and effort to ensure that your social media campaign is successful. If you want to improve your marketing strategy with social media but you don’t have the time or the know-how to do this, or if you simply want to get more from your current campaign, you might be interested in some great social media marketing tools that can help you get the most from your social media marketing time and budget. Below are what we consider a few of the best tools on the market.

Social Media Marketing tools
The Right Social Media Marketing Tools You Can Keep Up-To-Date With What’s Going On

1.    Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management system that enables you to utilise a number of different social network platforms. It allows users to, for example, monitor what others are saying about them across a range of social media platforms and provides the tools required for instant responses. As well as this, Hootsuite can be utilised by different users, so it is a popular choice for businesses that want to manage customer service effectively. An administrator can delegate tasks to various members of the team who can then deal with their own list via the Hootsuite interface.

2.    Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck allows users to manage all their Twitter accounts via a handy dashboard interface. Users can view and send tweets as well as see other users’ profiles. Tweetdeck can be customised according to personal preferences with timelines based on particular criteria. So you could have one column dedicated to mentions of your company, another for direct messages, another for mentions of a specific product, and one for tweets about a competitor, for example. Tweets can also be scheduled for a later time or sent immediately if required.

3.    Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an ideal social media management tool for businesses and it is compatible with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This tool allows businesses to identify new customers and to enhance their presence on social media. Customers’ profiles can also be monitored, and the platform can be integrated with Google Analytics.

4.    Radian6

Radian6 is a monitoring tool for social media that helps businesses engage with their customers. It is one of the best tools on the market in terms of allowing users to listen to what their customers are saying about them, their brand, and their competitors. As well as being a fantastic tool for gathering data, Radian6 also allows users to analyse this information, which can be used to improve marketing campaigns.

5.    Spredfast

Spredfast is one of the top software tools for large companies or for agencies managing social media campaigns for a number of companies. It provides the tools to build campaigns, monitor social media presence, and analyse data. It is compatible with most social media platforms, making it a very powerful tool.

6.    SocialOomph

While SocialOomph was originally intended to improve the productivity of Twitter users, it is now used with other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Time-consuming regular tweets can be scheduled, thus freeing up the user to concentrate on other aspects of business.

7.    Social Mention

For businesses or entities that want to track what others are saying about them on social media, Social Mention is an excellent tool. Social Mention will monitor mentions from a host of social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.

8.    Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a terrific tool that will help you find relevant Twitter users based on their bio. You can use it to compare your Twitter followers against those of your competitors as well as track your followers and cultivate relationships with them.

9.    HowSociable

If you want to measure the impact your brand is having on social media, HowSociable is the perfect tool. You can use this super tool to track your social media presence and that of your competitors. The free version will allow you to track twelve different social media accounts. Each account will be given scores, helping you determine which social media site is working best for your brand.

10. SocialBro

SocialBro is a tool specially designed for Twitter users. It allows you to tag Twitter users who meet specific criteria that you have set. This advanced solution gives users the opportunity to manage and analyse their Twitter community with a view to improving their marketing campaign. Companies can use SocialBro to monetise their social media contacts using real-time data and actionable stats.

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The above are just a few examples of the many great tools available to help boost your social media campaign. Some are ideal for companies that are new to social media and have little time to take care of their campaign but do not have the budget to pay for this service while others are more advanced and are designed to make the job of social media marketing a little less time-consuming.

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