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Are SEO Directories Spammy?

There’s a whole SEO industry built on spam out there. We’re not part of it thankfully as we get by good old fashioned marketing-style techniques. Yes, the odd blog comment and overseas directory entry is useful – indeed, there’s much talk of using directories as very bad karma for your link profile, but are they? Continue reading

Linkbuilding – List Of 100 Local Business Directories

Here’s a list of directories to get local listings – many of you will be going for geographical terms, so these local listings are ideal to add relevance geo terms to your inbound links. Many of them are US-only but there’s a few UK ones.

Link building is the single most important factor in SEO. Google uses a variety of algorithm ranking factors to determine which position a website ranks in it’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for any given keyword/phrase search, however, currently, inbound links (although the type, number and source of links all determine a website’s SEO strentgh) are still the main ranking factor. Continue reading