No SEO smoke and mirrors. No flannel. Just honesty and reliability.

The truth never hurts when it comes to your SEO company, PPC management or web design company. We’ll tell you where you are, what you/we need to do and also how we do it. We’ll report back and show you how far you’ve come. But, you’ll know that anyway, as your enquiries/sales/subscriptions will increase.If you want cloak and dagger, black magic and or simply flannel, then we don’t do it I’m afraid. But if you want proven, tested methods and results, whether it’s a new website or for an SEO plan or PPC, then why not chat to us about it. You’ve nothing to lose.
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XLWEB are based in Glasgow, Scotland, and offer a range of online marketing services for small-to-medium sized business and non-profit organisations. Our specialisms in SEO … More
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Website Design.

Modern, up-to-date designs that’ll grab attention, be functional, easy to use and work on all devices. Our website designers in Glasgow & Edinburgh will take your requirements and build the site you want that meets needs. We’re marketers and techies so we know websites and business. We’ll redesign your current website with ease and maintain it for you too.More

SEO Marketing.

Results driven, intelligent search engine marketing. Anybody can optimise a site with a little know-how. We have a lot of know-how and many ways to improve your site’s search engine rankings. Linkbuilding and on-page are essential but there are many other ways to do business online. We’ll get your website found and drive relevant traffic and sales to you.More


Refining keywords, adverts and landing pages as well as monitoring budgets are the key to successful PPC. A lot of people throw a lot of money away with under-optimised pay per click advertising. We can manage your whole campaign or just consult on any part of it. Just cast an eye if you like – for free. Spend less and make more. Honestly. More

It’s all about results.

Your results – whether it’s profit, contacts or kudos. And, search engine results – rankings, advert responses and traffic. Sometimes it’s easy to get results, sometimes it’s hard. There’s many factors involved. But one thing’s for sure, if you undertake proven, above-board, web marketing functions with insight, experience and conviction, you will get results.

Let a real seo company show you how we get results. And, there’s many ways to get results online – not just traditional SEO or PPC. We’re a digital marketing company in Glasgow’s west end and in Edinburgh too. Contact us for a chat or why not meet for a brew and find out how we do it.

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Client talk.

“I read a lot of SEO blogs and tweets and they’re all ‘Google panda update this..’ and ‘keyword density and backlinks that…’. It was all a bit ambiguous and I needed an SEO Company in Glasgow. I spoke to James at XLWeb and he explained it really is straightforward stuff and anyone can do it. I suppose you need experience and proven techniques and insight right enough. That’s why XLWEB have our work. They spend their time working on SEO not blogging about it.” John, Abbey Gates & Metals, Paisley